Scottish Fold Cats For Sale

Scottish Fold Cats For Sale

Welcome to Scottish Fold Cattery,  Home of the best Raised and Well Groomed Scottish Fold Kittens.

Welcome to Scottish Fold Cattery, home of Scottish Fold Cats for Sale. As Registered and well recognized Scottish Fold Kitten Breeders, we have been raising Scottish Fold kittens since 2014. All our kittens are TICA Registered which  is considered the world’s largest genetic cat registry. Originally a North American organization, it now has a worldwide presence. The organization has a genetic registry for pedigreed and household pet cats and is one of the world’s largest sanctioning bodies for cat shows.

The unique folded ears of the Scottish Fold give it a look reminiscent of an owl. The tightly folded ears fit closely to the skull resulting in a cap-like appearance. Big, round shoe-button eyes open up the face in the rounded head. A sturdy body is covered with padding resulting in a solid feel to this medium-sized cat. The folded ear is a spontaneous mutation and comes from an incompletely dominant gene that results in both folded and straight-eared cats





Scottish Fold Kittens

We are a TICA-certified cattery with experience in breeding Scottish Fold cats for sale and providing homes for our kittens all over the world. Unfortunately, just as dog mills exist, kitten mills still exist today. These mills abuse cats, like the Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight cats. The only way to ensure that the pet you are seeking to adopt does not come from such a tragic life is to adopt from an experienced breeder, like Scottish Fold Cattery.

Scottish Fold Cattery searched diligently to find the pair of cats we use to breed.  With extraordinary standards for the types of cats we breed, Scottish Fold Cattery did not settle until we found the perfect pair from Ukraine in March 2018.   This pair of kittens have since grown into full-sized adults that are ready to become parents themselves!

Scottish Fold Cattery

Our goal is to raise happy, healthy, and well-socialized Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight kittens that appear to be as close to the breed standard as possible.

All kittens are raised underfoot with our family. Babies get the best care possible since their first day. We provide premium food, veterinary care, our love, and attention. Kittens have plenty of space for playing and training. We mostly oriented to sell kittens as spoiled and loved pets, but selling with breeding rights is also possible.

We are not a pet store or a broker. Kittens are born here and their parents live with us.

Our breeders are our family members. We love them, we spoil them. They are regularly checked by the veterinarian and tested for all possible genetic issues. All our adults come from the champion bloodlines and we have confirmed breeding rights.

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